The Fairest Info

Rebirth of the Legendary Site

We run contests in which people vote for the best option out of a large number of options submitted by users.

What Has Changed?

Support System

We now have a support system where you can address rollback and other issues.

New Algorithm

It is made specifically to understand your preferences and try to offer you a choice based on your preferences.

Less Unloved Content

Viewing random images submitted by users on the Internet carries an inherent risk of seeing what you don’t like, but we are trying to fix that.

More Pictures

All of these images are provided by users, and most of them have been circulating on newsgroups and the like for years.

What have we done?

We have revived the legendary web voting sat and now you can vote independently


New Element


New Vote Options


Exclusive Portals

>21 s

Answer Time

What will it give you?

Web Voting System

People vote for the best option out of a large number of options.

Good Old Elements

Every few minutes the server does some analysis and lists the best things.


Instead of the usual voting methods where people rate things or vote for them, we let people choose which of the two is better.

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