Staying in a small house? Struggling to find that extra space? A Murphy bed can be an excellent option to save a lot of space that a bed usually takes.

Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed is a pull-down bed that is hinged to a cabinet on one side. They can be pulled down from a cabinet against the wall, thus saving much space when not in use.

While it can be simpler to use a foldable cot or bed, which can be put away after use, they won’t look as appealing as a Murphy bed. However, these beds can fit into your cabin and merge with your room’s décor. They won’t look out of place, and there is no need to worry about slipping and falling when bumped into.

Buying A Murphy Bed

When you have very little space in your home, you need to be smart with furnishing. Furniture that can be used in different ways and furniture that can be put away are the types one should look at when space is a constraint.

Many brands are selling Murphy beds in various sizes. You can choose based on not just the size of the bed but the design of the cabinet, the mattress used with the bed, the color of the frame, etc. the sheer number of options to choose from can make it challenging to choose the right one.

One of the major pitfalls of such beds is the cost. When you go in for a reputed brand for a Murphy bed, you should be ready to spend. But, unfortunately, the more technical and trendy the furniture is, the more companies charge.

DIY Murphy Bed

If space is not your only constraint and you are not ready to shell out a lot of money for a Murphy bed, why not go the DIY way? Yes, you can make your own Murphy bed with a Murphy bed kit.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a DIY Murphy bed:

  • The DIY Murphy bed kits come for a fraction of the cost of a store-sold version.
  • You can decide on what wood to use for which part of the bed. You can opt for good quality plywood for the base and spend less on parts that get hidden.
  • You can choose the color of the wood for the entire cabinet based on your furnishing around the house.
  • You can play around with textures, designs, and colors to make the whole cabinet look quirky and unique.
  • When you make your own bed – literally, you can handle the repairs too. Repairs in store-bought Murphy beds can cost you too since the store will have to send in their professionals. They will also take time to fix the problem with excuses of parts unavailable, etc.
  • When the hinge’s creaking noise gets stuck, you can fix it right away instead of waiting for a professional to come.

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